Leak damage at top of ceiling crown molding. Brown stains from water damage.

Your roof may be telling you something. Roof leaks can be tricky to spot. Often times, the source of a leak isn’t obvious on the roof itself. Missing shingles, small holes, or even gaps in the metal flashing near chimneys or vent pipes can all be contributing to a potential leak. Here are 7 warning signs that might help you spot a potential roof leak.

#1: Ceiling or Roof Spots

  • When water gets through, you may see water stains in your ceiling. They can appear as brown rings.
  • Leaks may appear around chimneys and vents
  • Leaks may even show up away from the original source after ‘‘traveling’ down rafters

#2: Missing Shingles

  • Caused by storms and high wind speeds
  • Usually related to improper fastening of the shingles
  • Creates a weak spot in the roof for water entrance

#3: Buckling/Curling Shingles

  • May be caused by improperly applied felt
  • May be caused by water absorption
  • Maybe caused by hot air in the attic
  • Does not effectively protect the roof from leaks

#4: Damaged Flashing

  • Caused by improper installation (on new roof)
  • Caused by drying and cracking (on old roof)

#5: Roof Rot

  • Caused by absorption of moisture in the mat
  • More common with organic-based shingles

#6: Granule Loss

  • Normally a certain number of granules will be loose, especially after application
  • A large indication that older shingles need to be replaced


Even with the help of the tips listed above, the best way to be certain your roof is in great condition is to have it inspected by an experienced roofing professional. Beacon consultants coordinate directly with you for a free inspection to start your claim process. Our team of dedicated professionals will steer you in the right direction to getting your home restored. Contact us at www.beaconconsultants.com or (407) 595-9644 for a free estimate and help with your claims process.

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